Dear Friends,

The work of our church can happen because of the generous financial and volunteer support of our faith community. Because of YOU our church changes lives.

While there are many ways to support the congregation, we ask everyone to think in a prayerful way about the choices we make financially in support of our church.

We invite you to review the Stewardship materials enclosed and help us reach our budget goals by making a formal pledge. Our church is in a difficult financial position as we plan for next year. However, we remain hopeful that our ministry will continue to transform people’s lives, just as it has done for the past 125 years!

Our team will present testimonials about how our congregation changes lives. Each of us will be challenged to take bold steps to invest more of who we are to become the church God is calling us to be. Everyone will be encouraged to reflect upon the many ways our church has made an impact on our own lives and those around us. While the challenges are real, this is also a time of great possibility.

Join us in returning a pledge form by December 10. God has done and continues to do remarkable things through us and with us! Our financial gifts to the congregation make this possible.


The Stewardship Team

Jodi Cowen, Jason Jacque, Scott McLeod, Bev Mueller, Tyfani Ulicki

Where does the pledged money go?

Our yearly financial budget is needed to support a laundry list of foundational church items including miniter salary and benefits, hourly staff, maintenance of our church property, insurance, fire protection, elevator maintenance, office supplies, accounting fees, cleaning, utilities and the list goes on. Our budget is also needed to support programs such as Christian Education, music, and liturgy.


I initially came to First Congregational Church more than 20 years ago. Not for a Sunday morning service, but for the founding meeting of what became the Ozaukee Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. During that meeting and several to follow, I realized I was in a place that not only reached out to the community in productive, active, and meaningful ways, I was also in a place that lived its faith.

Our family started attending services here, finding this to be an inclusive church that does not see itself as a gatekeeper to faith or full participation. It welcomes people at all stages in their journey. It is most evident to me on Communion Sundays when we truly have an open table. All are invited and served, no questions asked. I have grown to appreciate that more than I ever expected. We are an open and affirming church that is accessible to all!

At this church, we can have deep conversations about the role of faith in the community. We can seek justice for those marginalized in our community. We can openly question how we best live out the lessons of scripture in our lives. We can have difficult conversations with each other without feeling threatened or belittled. We can have very different views but still greet each other with genuine warmth. We can struggle together to find answers to what troubles us. We can question the meaning of our faith and our place in the world without fear. We can raise our voices in song and prayer - admitting our shortcomings, seeking guidance, and uplifting those around us as well as those we will never meet.

Where else can we do all these things?
-Craig Modahl

A phrase like “our church changes lives” may sound unfamiliar to many of us. I believe the more one considers the work of our congregation, the more it makes sense. If our church brings comfort to those who are grieving or going through a difficult time - isn’t that changing a life? When we teach the children the stories of our faith and invite them to love their neighbors as themselves - isn’t that a transformative life lesson? When we give thanks to God in worship, and sing God’s praises with the powerful music of our choirs - isn’t that uplifting perspective encouraging us to see the world in a more hopeful, God infused, different way, and ultimately - a life changing experience?

We do these ministries of the church so naturally and as such a matter of habit that we sometimes need to remind ourselves that it is important and vital work! It is ministry that changes people’s lives. If our ministry were to come to an end, the world would be lesser for it, the Port Washington community would be less for the loss of our voice, our service, and our power to transform people’s lives.

You have an opportunity to continue this life changing service by supporting the ministry of our church. Your financial pledge can help to change lives for the better. As you support our congregation, you too are transformed, for as Jesus taught, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” When we give; our sense of discipleship is deepened, our commitment to the church grows; we too are changed - becoming more and more the disciples Jesus has called us to be!

Let us give as we are able, according to God’s blessings lovingly given to us!

In Christ,
Pastor Scott


If you have any questions about stewardship, email the church office and we will forward your message to the Stewardship Team. If you have any specific questions about your financial giving, please email our Financial Administrator, Phil Stepanski,