Greetings! It's time for our church's annual Stewardship Campaign. Members and friends are asked to make a formal pledge to support the church financially in the year to come. Receiving pledges is the only way the Church Council can plan and execute a balanced budget.

As we all know, this year has been anything but traditional. It's been over a year of uncertainty for our church and many months navigating a pandemic. Last year we began offering virtual services and church meetings shifted to Zoom. The good news is that, despite social distancing and masks, we are transitioning back to normal. In September, our program year began in earnest and our choirs, Church School, Confirmation program, and Fellowship Hours are all in full swing. To continue these activities and maintain a spiritually and financially strong church community, we rely on your annual pledges and contributions.

We welcome you to read and reflect on the information in this packet to assist with your giving decision. Even though we practice tight expense management, our revenue has declined in recent years. This year’s Stewardship Campaign is crucial to our financial future.

With appreciation,
The Stewardship Team
Jason Jacque – Chair, Jodi Cowen, Craig Modahl, and Bev Mueller


Click to read a written testimonial by Bev Mueller.

While on our Stewardship journey, we celebrate the deep roots of our church, 123 years of strength and love.

Click to view a video testimonial from the Olson Family. How do you see the love of our church changing lives?
We are a church of "extravagant welcome", changing lives by encouraging transformation and growth. We continue to love our neighbors with our gifts to the six local service organizations we support on an ongoing basis: Advocates, Balance, Family Promise, Habitat for Humanity, Ozaukee Family Services, and The Food Pantry.
– The Olson Family
Click to view Ken's video testimonial.

What “roots” you in our congregation?
“Why do I keep coming here? It is a place where I am allowed to be who I am.”
– Ken Matthews, life-long member

Click to view Bonnie's video testimonial. How has the love of our church changed your life?
“I never would have attempted any of my education [Lay Academy, college, seminary] without the support of the faithful folks here at this church.”
– Bonnie Jacque-Gorecki, long-time member

The fellowship of our church and its wonderful variety of ministry is that stream of water which nourishes our souls. It roots us. Generosity in all its forms comes as an expression of gratitude for this community. We hope you will consider making a financial pledge. The work of our church can only happen because of you, our members and friends. Because of you, our congregation shares God’s love.

Dear Friends,

I am very excited about the ministry of our church. The return of our Chancel Choir, Handbell Choir, and Children’s Choir has lifted our spirits during worship. Communion, baptism, and weddings have been celebrated in the loving community of our church. Our Confirmation Class has been learning and serving together in the church and community. Church School has been creatively teaching our children about being stewards of God’s creation and loving God and neighbor. “Sacred Conversations to End Racism” has engaged members and friends in a challenging discussion of justice. The ministry of our church is alive, and the discipleship of our members carries on!

This fall, we have reflected on the words of the Psalmist: “They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season”. Over the last several weeks, we have had the privilege of hearing moving testimonials by members. It is such an affirming way to remember how important our church is in the life of our members — we are deeply rooted in love.

There is so much to celebrate in our past and present ministry, even as we must take a careful look at our financial future. It is because of the strong tradition of faithful giving in this congregation that our ministry has been so successful. We are facing difficult financial times as we look to 2022. Thank God that the seeds of faith have grown and taken deep root in our congregation. Through your generous gifts we can be like those trees planted by streams of water, continuing to yield fruit even in these uncertain times.

Courage and Peace,
Pastor Scott


We are extremely thankful to all who have been able to continue their financial support of our church. It has allowed the church to continue its ministry and to provide support to our greater community. For our church to continue to be rooted and to grow, we ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your pledge amount by $25 - $50 a month. We understand this may not be possible for everyone. Even if you are not able to pledge, we ask that you return your Pledge Form marked as ‘unable to give at this time’ so that the Church Council can budget accordingly. Pledge amounts are kept strictly confidential by our Financial Administrator.

The Stewardship Team is once again challenging everyone to complete and return your pledge within the next three weeks. Members and friends are encouraged to attend church on Sunday, November 21, to help celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday, as well as a Family Service, Fall Congregational Meeting, and Fellowship Hour. It is also a great time to turn in your pledge. Come, join together, as we give thanks for this place and for one another. After the month of November, friendly follow-up phone calls will be made by Stewardship Team members to those who have not responded.