During the months of November and December we always conduct our annual Stewardship Campaign. Members and friends of the church are asked to make a formal pledge to support the church financially in the year to come. Receiving pledges is the only way we can plan and execute a balanced budget.

Letter from Ray Shupe, our Church Council Moderator

You can make a pledge in one of three ways:
• Submit an Online Pledge Form.
• Complete a Printable Pledge Form.
• Pick up a Pledge Form at church.

You can pay your pledge in one of two ways:
Cash or Check - You may place these in the offering plate on Sunday mornings or mail to the church.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - You may have your pledge payment automatically deducted from
your bank account (once or twice a month). Complete an EFT Authorization Form.

Members and friends who make a formal pledge to support the church financially receive several benefits. Each family or individual who pays by cash or check receives Pledge Envelopes that allow our Financial Administrator to keep better track of your contributions. Each family or individual who gives to the church electronically (EFT) receives Electronic Giving Offering Cards to put in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. When you make a formal pledge you also receive an emailed Quarterly Statement from our Financial Administrator that you may use for your financial record keeping and income tax return.

If you have questions about the pledging process, please contact Owen Madson, our Financial Administrator, at owenm@portucc.org.

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