A Message from Jim


November 15, 2019

Life is all about the changes.  When you think about it, we come into the world from a safe, warm environment and are confronted with bright lights, loud sounds and people poking at us.  “Welcome to the world,” they say.  And we reply, “I think I liked it better before.”  We don’t do change.  There’s too much loss and like our GPS tells when we’ve changed course, we have to “recalibrate” yet once again.  Churches are no different.  We are undergoing a seismic transition with Jeff’s retirement.  To a person, we want this both for him and Jane.  They go with our finest wishes and hopes for a great retirement.  But that’s only half the story.  We feel lost and wonder how things will change.  Will worship services be the same?  Who will be there when crisis calls?  Will our membership splinter?  Will giving suffer?  Will we ever find another as wonderful and caring as Jeff?  These are normal questions born of our anxiety of change and transition.  But as Don Niederfrank said the week following Jeff’s retirement, “We’re still here.”  Indeed.  We are here!  And God is, too.  If change is the nature of life, then we will choose to engage it together.  We will hold hands as we cross this street.  We will hold fast to our faith and discover what new thing God is doing among us.  Jeff would want that.

November 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

Having spent the majority of my ministerial career as a pastoral counselor providing individual, marriage and family counseling, I am once more involved in specialized ministry.

As your Interim Minister, I will not only provide pastoral services but will help facilitate our transition between settled ministers. Creativity, humor and relevance are all hallmarks of my work.

Please feel free to stop by or give me a call, I look forward to meeting each of you.

Pastor Jim
(Rev. James McKenzie)


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