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Special Thanks

• To Allen and Patt Cottrell for cleaning the sanctuary candlesticks and glass candle burners.

• To Jeanne Mantsch, the Chair of our Community Outreach Team, who attended the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Council of Churches, held in Wisconsin Dells, on Monday, December 8.

• To Sally Ziegler for, once again, coordinating our Christmas Cookie Sale, and thanks to everyone who baked cookies. Thanks also to everyone who helped assemble the cookies: Roberta Blumenburg, Owen Madson, Louise Mollinger, Jane Schwacher, Terry Sdun, Tanya, Ava and Lyla Soerens. We sold over a hundred boxes and raised more than $1200!

• To our dedicated team of Sunday Morning Counters: Joy Bloemer, Gary and Joyce Bria, Gary Drasch, Lyle and Bev Falk, Phil Stepanski and Tracy Bretl, and Paul Tutas.

• To the Ralph and Beckie Perez, and their family, for setting-up and decorating the sanctuary Christmas tree.

• To Joe Rychtik for delivering the “Hot Dog” trailer for our Christmas Tree Sale.

• To everyone who helped unload Christmas trees: Jon Crain, Bob Eichner, Nels Garthus, Mike Nowicki, Skip Peer, Ryan Soerens and Brian Weir.

• To David Franks, Louise Mollinger, and Alice Ruffin for helping to assemble the Stewardship mailing.

• To Jeanne Mantsch and Jane Spalding for creating the Narrative Budget for our Stewardship mailing.

• To Kay Rego for designing the Stewardship inserts for our Sunday bulletins and the Stewardship mailing.

• To Joe Rychtik, the Chair of our Property Team, for offering to shovel our sidewalks this coming winter.


To Brian Zimmerman, son of Claude and Jana, who graduated on December 18 from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in Waste Management, specializing in medical waste.

To Tracy Greymont who sang in the Milwaukee Area Messiah Community Chorus. They performed Handel's Messiah at Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Mequon on Sunday afternoon, December 7.

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We have planned three services for Christmas Eve at 4:00, 7:00 and 9:30. The 4:00 Christmas Pageant is designed especially for families with young children. The 7:00 service features the Senior Choir and Christmas Brass. At the 9:30 service we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion and enjoy special music provided by several members of the Senior Choir. All three services include candle lighting and a selection of our traditional Christmas hymns. Please invite your neighbors and friends to come and join us.


We always drop the 8:00 service and celebrate with one service at 10:00 on the Sunday following Christmas, Sunday, December 28. There is no Church School or Nursery Care. Please help spread the word.


Our annual church Christmas tree sale was, once again, a great success. We ended the sale with fourteen trees left on the lot, out of more than 460! Special thanks to Bob Eichner for coordinating the entire sale, and to all those who signed up to work a shift or two!  


This past fall, the Senior Choir received a number of special gifts to pay for their music.  The Anthem, Alleluia! Sing Your Praise, sung on October 12, was given anonymously in honor of Mike Spalding for tuning our church pianos.  The Introit, The Call, sung on November 9, was given anonymously in honor of our Church School Teachers.  The Introit, God is Here, sung on November 30, was given anonymously in honor of Jeff Suddendorf.  The Anthem, Hark, I Hear the Harps Resounding, sung on November 30, was given by the Dimmer Family in memory of Leila Dimmer.


During the months of November and December we conduct our annual Stewardship Campaign. Members and friends of the church are asked to make a formal pledge to support the church financially in the year to come. We created a series of four bulletin inserts to help us think about our giving to the church (1, 2, 3, 4). Take a moment to check them out!


Members and friends who make a formal pledge to support the church financially receive several benefits. Each family or individual receives a box of Pledge Envelopes that allow our Financial Administrator to keep better track of your contributions. When you make a formal pledge you also receive a Quarterly Statement from our Financial Administrator that you may use for your own financial record keeping and income tax purposes. If you have any questions about this record keeping process, please contact Owen Madson, at (262) 388-7512 or 


For over 100 years the United Church of Christ has received the Christmas Fund offering to provide emergency assistance and support to retired clergy and church employees who do not have adequate retirement income. We received the offering on December 21, but you may contribute until the end of the month. To learn more about this special offering, click here.


Church School is making a change.  Beginning in January, we will move to a Cooperative Church School. This means all families who have registered for our program will be assigned a set number of Sundays in which they will facilitate a lesson. With everyone pitching in, we can fill all our volunteer spots with a very small time commitment from each family. Please click here for the further information.


In anticipation of the winter weather to come, we want to remind you of the snow cancellation policy for our Sunday services. If it should be necessary to cancel one or both of our Sunday services, we will put a message on the church answering machine by 7:00 on Sunday morning. Please call the church office, 284-2022, if you have any doubts about the weather.


Each Wednesday at Noon, you are invited to meet Jeff in the church library for lunch and Bible study. We always take time to visit before reflecting upon the lectionary reading for the upcoming Sunday. Please bring your own lunch. There will be no lunch on December 24 and 31.


Men in the church are invited to gather for breakfast every Thursday morning, at 8:00, at the Dockside Deli.  The group always has fun considering a Question of the Day. If you are able, please come and join the conversation.

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