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In Memoriam

• Dee Miller died on Monday morning, December 9. A memorial service was held at the church on Saturday afternoon, December 14.

Special Thanks

• To Kay Rego for helping to create our Advent stewardship inserts.

• To Sally Ziegler for, once again, coordinating our Christmas Cookie Sale, and thanks to everyone who baked cookies. We sold 107 boxes and raised more than $1000!

• To Barb Bahr for coordinating the reception following Dee Miller’s memorial service. Thanks also to those who helped out and/or made a dessert: Roberta Blumenberg, Tracy Bretl and Phil Stepanski, Sherrie Dimmer, Jane Schwacher, Mark and Terry Sdun, Jane Spalding, Allen Spaude, Edie Webb, and Sally Ziegler.

• To Beckie Perez for decorating the sanctuary Christmas tree.

• To Mike and Jane Spalding for setting-up the sanctuary Christmas tree.

• To Bob Eichner for, once again, coordinating our annual Christmas tree sale.

• To Joe Rychtik for coordinating and delivering the Christmas tree “Hot Dog” trailer.

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The Fellowship Team will be hosting a Soup and Salad Dinner on Wednesday evening, January 15, from 5:30 - 7:00, in Fellowship Hall. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with others and enjoy a meal at church. Please bring your favorite soup and/or dessert to share! Childcare will be available in the 4K Room & Nursery. Please feel free to make your child a plate of food and take them down to the 4K Room so they can eat and play with their friends while you enjoy dinner and fellowship.


Members and friends who make a formal pledge to support the church financially receive several benefits. Each family or individual receives a box of Pledge Envelopes that allow our Financial Administrator to keep better track of your contributions. When you make a formal pledge you also receive a Quarterly Statement from our Financial Administrator that you may use for your own financial record keeping and income tax purposes. If you have any questions about this record keeping process please contact Owen Madson, our Financial Administrator, at (262) 675-2623 or


With winter upon us, we want to remind you of the snow cancellation policy for our Sunday services. If it should be necessary to cancel one or both of our Sunday services, we will put a message on the church answering machine by 7:00 on Sunday morning. Please call the church office, 284-2022, if you have any doubts about the weather.

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